Media Reviews

If you want an unbiased review of TMG Yachts range of multihulls, power and sailing yachts, you know you can trust expert reviews by journalists in the marine industry.

We know when we are researching which vessels to add to our exclusive range, we want to know what the experts are saying. It is the fact that we see only positive reviews time and time again that we trust these are the best quality yachts on the market.

Read or watch, and you’ll also find out exactly why the TMG Yachts range is praised so highly…


The Lagoon range has won multiple awards and has many raving reviews from around the world. Read short summaries from the boating press and what they have commended Lagoon for, based on their tests and sea trials.


PRESTIGE Yachts are world-renowned and have placed their mark in the motor yacht sector over the past 35 years for their innovations, reliability and luxury. Read what industry experts have to say about the PRESTIGE range so you can make a more informed decision about which model is best suited to you.