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Lagoon 60 Boat Review

Tradeaboat – September 2023

Discover Lagoon 60: A luxury sailing catamaran with innovative features and a deep connection to the sea. The Lagoon 60 redefines the 60ft sailing catamaran experience.

Lagoon 60

Sail Universe – September 2023

Today, Lagoon’s catamaran range expands with a new model, the Lagoon 60, of which the renderings have just been unveiled at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023.

Introducing the Lagoon 60

Marine Project – September 2023

Cannes Yacht festival saw the grand premiere of the Lagoon 60, a masterpiece that exemplifies the brand’s unwavering commitment to precision design and groundbreaking innovation

Lagoon SIXTY 7 – 2023

Imagine a haven of peace. Home away from home. A sanctuary shelter from which to explore the vastness. This is freedom. At its purest.

Lagoon 51 – 2023

The Lagoon 51 has a flybridge that was optimized to cover 80% of its roof. Equipped with modular seating so you can accommodate as many guests as you would like, this allows you to welcome them to the helm and relax alongside the captain.

2023 Lagoon 42 – 2023

While keeping a family resemblance and retaining the main features of the latest generation of Lagoons, it shows us a new path: unhurried evolution, a new “organic” approach, in search of harmony between living space and man.

Boat Review: Lagoon 46

Sail magazine- February, 2023

When developing its new 46-footer, Lagoon had two issues to contend with. First, the immense popularity of its recently introduced groundbreaking 50 set high expectations for the smaller design.

Review Lagoon 40

TopRik – February, 2023

In this review TopRik talks about the lagoon 40 in detail: how it was made, which engineering solutions were implemented, what can you find on board, and how it handles on the water.

Lagoon 55

Sailing Magazine – January, 2022

This month we will look at two cruising catamarans and we’ll start with the Lagoon 55 designed by VPLP with exterior design by Patrick le Quement and interior design by Nauta Design. It takes a village these days to produce an entire design.

Review Lagoon 46 – 14m long cruiser

topRick – January, 2023

The world premiere of the 46 ft. (14 m) sailing catamaran Lagoon 46 from the French shipyard Construction Navale Bordeaux (CNB) took place 4 years ago – in January 2019 in Düsseldorf. Information about the introduction of a new yacht from CNB caused not just a buzz, but…

Lagoon 51 – Green focus

Yacht Style – November 2022

With a lighter structure, forward mast, shorter rig and overlapping genoa, the Lagoon 51 is even livelier on the water than her predecessor while also introducing the new emphasis on solar power that will characterise the brand’s future models.

LAGOON 51 : Guided Tour 

Choose your boat – 2022

One could sum up Lagoon’s philosophy in three words: elegance, conviviality, safety. Continuity between interior and exterior, direct and indirect lighting, harmonious proportions, warm atmosphere and ergonomic spaciousness, Lagoons yachts were the first to value a lifestyle on board a catamaran.

Review Lagoon 77

Europe Yachts – October, 2022

Where can we even begin when talking about the Lagoon Seventy Seven? Let’s begin by referring to the most important ship in the Lagoon fleet as a Supercat, shall we?…

Lagoon 46: Yacht in review

Yacht4Less – October, 2022

One of the catamarans to keep an eye out for is the fantastic Lagoon 46. With several impressive novelties, the Lagoon 46 could potentially become the replacement of today’s most popular Lagoon model of all times, the Lagoon 450.

Sailboat Review: Lagoon Sixty 5

Cruising World – November, 2022

Of all the tweaks and changes in the ­design and layout of large cruising catamarans, ­surely the most innovative has been the addition of the flybridge steering station and “upstairs” lounging space.

The Lagoon 55: Built for the Long Haul

Cruising World – September, 2022

In February, French boat builder Lagoon brought Hull No. 2 of its 55-foot luxury catamaran to the Miami International Boat Show. I can easily see this long-legged bluewater cruiser finding a niche among its siblings that range in length from 40 to 77 feet.


Yacht Hunter – August, 2022

Ofcourse the volume of a power catamaran is why you’re here, but with only 150 hours and a draft under 5’, and a white hull, this gives you the space of a 100’ yacht with only one – two crew members required.

The Lagoon 51 – World Premiere

Ancasta – April 2022

From the moment you step on board (very easily it turns out, given the completely redesigned transoms that allow easy one step access from the side of the pontoon), Lagoon have once again designed a cat with style, performance and comfort but she is most definitely not style at the expense of function.

LAGOON 51 Catamaran – Review

Multihulls World – April 2022

The flybridge of the 51 becomes a real living area, featuring reversible helm rests. Numerous solar panels are in evidence, and these are custom cut to reconcile aesthetics and efficiency (3,400 Wp).

The Lagoon 55 Space Ship

Yachting World – February, 2022

Wait till you see the aft cabins… this Lagoon 55 with all its extra options is essentially a self-contained €1.7m resort. Toby Hodges sails the first of Lagoon’s latest cruising cats

New Lagoon 51: Eco-responsibility!

yachtingart – February 2022

When discovering the first visuals of the brand new Lagoon 51, we notice 4 major evolutions compared to its predecessor, the Lagoon 50, which are related to access and comfort on board, to the exterior living spaces, to the interior layout and to eco-responsibility.

Lagoon Sixty 5, simple luxury

Boating News – August, 2021

The Lagoon Sixty 5 is a luxury catamaran. Elegant and racy, she assures her owner comfort and performance. The ideal size to go far away and for a long time with the family without the need for a large and expensive crew.

Lagoon 46 Review

Club Marine – 2020

Enter the catamaran. This configuration offers all the benefits of traditional monohull sailing with the wondrous benefit of horizontal decks and tables. There is also the pleasure of space: wider decks, wider living spaces.

VIDEO: The New Lagoon 55

Sail Magazine – June 2021

Replete with living space, the boat presents an unmistakable profile, sporting a hardtop that shields the flybridge and helm station from the weather and makes for a tall, triple-stacked silhouette.

New Lagoon 50 Video Walkthrough

Catamaran Guru

This catamaran has quite simply one of the best designed interiors and aft cockpit layouts on the market. It has unparalleled accommodation possibilities, available in three to six cabins, with the third cabin inboard of each hull and surprisingly, even with that many cabins, it does not feel cramped.

Lagoon 50 vs Excess 15

Multihulls World

Lagoon 50 – Unveiled in 2017, the Lagoon 50, along with the 40, 42 and 46 represent the latest generation models designed by the world leader in cruising catamarans. When she was first launched, she fitted into the range between the best-selling Lagoon 450 and the 52. Her ambition was to remain accessible to a family crew and offer maximum comfort.

LAGOON 55 – A legend catamaran

Multihulls World – 2021

So much water has passed between the hulls since 1987! The very first Lagoon, with its aerodynamic coachroof, probably had less than half the volume of the new 55. But the latter weighs twice as much. However, the spectacular slenderness of the rig would suggest that Lagoon hasn’t ignored the performance aspect.

Multihulls Special 2021

Yacht Style – May 2021

The volume of the 55 inside and outside is really amazing,” Gailly says. “Together with the Premium Services we will offer, she’s a logical link to our big four.”

Lagoon 55 – luxury sailing catamaran – April 2021

Lagoon’s latest version of one of its cornerstone models ready for Australian deliveries. The latest-generation Lagoon 55 luxury sailing catamaran has taken to the water, featuring a number of design and styling innovations that make it even more user-friendly.

Lagoon 77


This yacht has oodles of space and will accommodate a family clan, friends and a professional crew with ease. The owners suite includes a walk-in closet, double-sink head and private terrace that swings out from the hull. And the galley below could be in a Manhattan apartment. 

Lagoon SEVENTY 7 – Bringing it on!

Multihulls World

Catamarans in the over-75 feet bracket are not widespread on the world market and are all one-off builds. Lagoon has had an eye on this sector for quite a while now and has just joined in the game like the master player it is.

Tour the Lagoon 46 Catamaran

Pacific Yachting Magazine – January 2021

Watch an indepth walkthrough of the Lagoon 46 with bimini on the flybridge. “Bright and expansive saloon.. generous galley with propane stove, oven, two drawer fridges and freezer…”

Lagoon Seventy 8

Boatsales – November, 2020

This, the Lagoon Seventy 8, is the new flagship of the catamaran line, featuring so much living space that it’s more like a penthouse on the water than a boat.

Lagoon Sixty 7: Luxury Power Cat

Winward Islands – November, 2020

So far, it seems that this boat lives up to its expectations and should satisfy buyers looking for a catamaran with a comfortable living space as well as the ones looking to charter a powercat to sail around Caribbean, Mediterranean or even transatlantic.

Lagoon’s new model: Lagoon 55

Sail World Cruising – March 2021

At first glance, the striking innovation on this new, just-launched Lagoon 55 is the aft area which has been totally redesigned to offer optimal circulation on board, creating a vast terrace on the sea.

Lagoon SIXTY 7: Affordable? luxury

Multihulls World -2020

The objective is to offer guests an unforgettable time on the water. And this has every chance of being achieved. In the end, anything that might seem like an inconvenience due to nautical constraints is erased.

Lagoon 46: A big step forward

Multihulls World

The 46 seems to be the product of synthesis of several simultaneous influences: The VPLP architecture which advocates a revolutionary rig and a more efficient centering of weight, and an enhanced exterior design.

Lagoon 46 & Best-Selling 450

Luxuo – October 2019

The difference between being at sea and at anchor require catamarans to fulfil two contrary roles. Succeeding in both makes a winning formula, as Lagoon found out by selling over 1,000 units of its 450, which has been succeeded by the 46 in 2019.

Lagoon SIXTY 5 – Life at sea

Multihulls World – 2020

With this new model, the little sister to the remarkable SEVENTY 7, Lagoon is reinforcing its anchored position in the world of luxury catamarans with a visual identity that is very different from that of the smaller Lagoons. We were able to make two trips aboard the SIXTY 5 off La Rochelle on France’s Atlantic coast, sailing between the islands of Ré, Oléron and Aix.

Lagoon Sixty 5

Bluewater Sailing – December, 2019

The Sixty 5 can have either a five-cabin or six-cabin layout. The five-cabin layout would be the owner’s version and has three double cabins with en-suite heads in the port hull and a fourth double in the bow of the starboard hull; the owner’s master suite is aft to starboard and completely separate from the other cabins. 

Lagoon SEVENTY 8: Tomorrows yacht…

Multihulls World

Discovering the SEVENTY 8, you’d think the first impression would be that you’re boarding a boat you know, in this case the Lagoon SEVENTY 7, but just one with the mast unstepped. But as soon as you get aboard, you discover a very different high-end unit.

Boat Review: Lagoon 50

Sail Magazine – December, 2018

Anyone under the impression that change in today’s production catamarans is about little more than cosmetics needs to check out the Lagoon 50—an all-new design that went on to become the winner in the 40 to 50ft cruising multihull category in SAIL’s 2019 Best Boats awards.

Lagoon 50 – walkthrough

The Catamaran Company – Nov 2018

Recently released, the new Lagoon 50 catamaran is quickly becoming a favourite among the multihull enthusiast. This model is considered the largest Lagoon dedicated to family sailing without a crew. She offers a sleek design with performance in mind and many innovations.

Lagoon 42: Effective 42-footer

Multihulls World

Lagoon is continuing the redevelopment of its range with a model whose new rig is at the heart of a significant evolution in style, ergonomics and performance. We have just spent two days onboard the 42.

Boat Review: Lagoon 40

Sail Magazine – 2018

Designed by VPLP, the new cat adopted the styling of her larger siblings, including more angular transoms, longer rectangular hull ports to let light stream in below and a coachroof that flows into an upward-angled composite hardtop, which gives the boat an aggressive look.

Revolution of the New Lagoon 55

Yachts Croatia – March 2021

It’s difficult to compare the Lagoon 55 of 1987 and the new Lagoon 55 of 2021, as innovations have changed the hulls and interior layout. However, shipyard said without any doubt that Lagoon has remained faithful to its roots and values: to offer a safe and comfortable sailing yacht, to go far and travel. A yacht where life is good.

Reviewed: Lagoon Sixty 7 Powercat

Yachting Magazine – August, 2020

Oftentimes, powercats end up looking like wedding cakes. Making them look good is a real challenge. All credit, then, to Lagoon’s regular preferred creative partners, automotive-design legend Patrick Le Quément and VPLP, which respectively take the bows for exterior design and naval architecture on the Lagoon Sixty 7.

Lagoon 40 Catamaran Review

Cruising World – 2018

The French builder adds a distinctive new look to its range. This latest breed of Lagoons still carries the brand’s vertical saloon windows, but its cabin roofs and Biminis have evolved and now seem to float atop the house. 

Lagoon 50 Review – 2018

Nothing kills innovation faster than incremental improvement. Maybe that’s why nothing inspires it like a clean sheet of paper. Kudos to Lagoon for understanding that and tossing out preconceived notions. With the launch of the new Lagoon 50, the French catamaran builder tapped into true innovation in a world of evolutionary lookalikes.

Yacht Review: Lagoon Seventy 8

Yacht Style – March 2018

The Lagoon Seventy 8 super catamaran is the perfect yacht for long-range cruising. The real challenge for Lagoon was to design a yacht that offered cutting-edge solutions for owners looking for motor yachts while meeting the needs and expectations of a new generation of gentleman sailors.

Lagoon Seventy 8 Powercat

Yachting Magazine – Feb 2018

The Lagoon Seventy 8 is 1 inch longer in length and width than the size of a doubles tennis court. Picture sitting center court at Wimbledon: With lifelines placed just outside the service lines, you have an accurate visual of the Seventy 8’s sheer magnitude, which can be difficult for owners of 78-foot-long monohulls to grasp. 

Lagoon 50 Catamaran Review

Cruising World – June, 2018

Big and roomy, Lagoon’s new 50 footer is also easy to handle. The Lagoon 50 was described by a company spokeswoman as being “the most open-minded catamaran on the market.” That’s a statement that could be taken in a number of ways.

First Look: Lagoon Seventy8

Power and Motoryacht – November 2017

The enormous decks of this long-range cruising cat stretch across both the cockpit and bow, and along the length of the sponsons, each a huge expanse dotted with large hatches—five on the port side, seven to starboard—that provide light to the spaces below, as well as air and emergency egress.

Lagoon 50 Review

Cruising Off Duty – November, 2018

In this episode of Cruising Off Duty, we continue our series where we are checking out the Catamarans at the Annapolis Sailboat Show to see what we think would suit us as a full-time live-aboard catamaran as we circumnavigate the globe.

Boat Review: Lagoon 42

Sail Magazine – August 2017

Lagoon’s newest cruising cat is indeed both curvaceous and sleek, not to mention fun to move (or lounge) about. The freshly designed 42, which replaces the 420/421 of which over 270 hulls were built, also makes tracks, whether on short island hops or a bit farther afield.

Lagoon 450s – Boat Review

Sail Magazine – 2017

It’s good to have choices. That’s why I like Lagoon’s approach to its 45ft catamaran, which now also comes as a “SporTop,” as the French builder calls it. The new 450S is the refreshed version of the 450F (flybridge), which was introduced in 2011 when it replaced the very popular 440.

Lagoon SEVENTY 7 Walkthrough

Catamaran Guru – February 2017

The Seventy7 is everything and more that one would expect on a mega yacht. My video may not do it complete justice, so do take a moment at the Strictly Sail Miami Boat Show to view this magnificent yacht! 

Lagoon 450s Review

Multihulls World – 2017

As a company which is consistently listening to their customers, Lagoon is offering the SporTop evolution on their 52 and 450 catamarans. They are aimed at cruising families who would rather have a helm station closer to the boat’s main central living area.

Lagoon Seventy 8

Southern Boating – May 2018

In designing the Lagoon Seventy 8, the real challenge was to develop cutting-edge solutions designed for owners looking for a new generation of large motoryachts. The Seventy 8’s enormous flybridge is fully customizable with features, such as a hot tub, a large foldaway dining table to starboard and a sun lounge forward. 

Lagoon 42 Catamaran

Boating New Zealand – December 2016

The new Lagoon 42 catamaran is a fun, spacious vessel designed for easy sail handling. She’s also chic and stylish – you may be tempted to wear tails rather than togs to dinner.

Lagoon 40 Review – 2018

With the new 2018 Lagoon 40, the French-catamaran builder has created a friendly forty-footer designed to focus on both performance and interior aesthetics.

Lagoon 42: Catamaran Review – September 2016

The all-new Lagoon 42 is a great example of the new breed of modern-day catamaran. This design builds on the success of the world’s biggest production cat brand, which in turn is part of the giant Beneteau group. It’s an ultra-modern cat with the clean, efficient lines of a modern European design — vertical bows, high freeboard and big picture hull windows.

Lagoon 42: First Look Video – May 2016

Enter the Lagoon 42, a model that reviewer Dieter Loibner found on display at the Dusseldorf boat show. Join Dieter for this short but insightful video, to learn more about the 2016 Lagoon 42.

Lagoon 42: Sailing on Open Waters – May 2016

If you want to gain some real insight into this boat, know first that to create it designer Patrick Le Quement partnered with naval architects VPLP. The net result? An exterior that eschews hard angles for strikingly soft curves, from the gullwing under the bridge deck to the expansive coachroof. Know also that this new cat doesn’t just look different, she’s also easier to manage—even with a giant rig.