Lagooned on the Lake 2020

Paul Rogers, Kathryn Roper as well as Greg and Sue Harding are organising yet another amazing Lagoon owners event in Lake Macquarie in Feb 2020.

The proud owners run and communicate with other like-minded owners via the Facebook Page Lagooned in Oz…

SEVENTY 8 Imagine a life of luxury…

The Administration of Lagooned in Oz hosted a little get together of the Lagoon family in Lake Macquarie in 2019. The main focus of the get together was for those members who could not make the Lagoon Escapade in the Whitsundays have a second chance to meet fellow Lagoon owners on a spectacular and highly underrated sailing venue.
Due to the success of last years event the administration for Lagooned in Oz would like to host another similar event in 2020 from the 21st to the 23rd Feburary 2020.

The vision is to have the Lagoon fleet meeting up at Styles Point on the Friday night for drinks and nibbles on shore followed by a sail down to a secret location for BBQ and drinks the following day. The TMG team will also be in attendance and cannot wait for another fun few days with the goonie gang!

We will be ensuring that any venue we choose will also have vehicle access for those that cannot bring their own boat.

Greg talks us through where Lagooned in Oz originated and what Lagooned on the Lake entails.

“This is just a very informal gathering of Lagoon owners from the Facebook Page Lagooned in Oz  started by myself and (Paul Rogers) and it’s just a great of like-minded owners who like to get together and have a bit of fun and sail their boats.”

When was the first Lagoon owners event?

“We’re going back nearly three years ago, it was just something thrown into the internet about who owned a Lagoon and would like to meet up on Cid Harbour in the Whitsundays, before we knew it we had fifteen Lagoons turning up for sundowners.”

What’s the rundown of Lagooned on the Lake?

A get together where people can meet fellow Lagoon owners, talk about there boats, where people who haven’t experienced cruising can talk to cruisers or if they have a problem on their boat or how they’ve improved there boat… it’s a great resource for information.”

“The first night is just a bit of a sundowners on the beach at Styles Point and more of a meet and greet because the vast majority of these people hadn’t met everyone before… as we say there are Lagoon owners out there that are our friends, they just don’t know it yet.”

“The next day we have a sail back from Styles Point.” 2020 location TBC.

SEVENTY 8 Imagine a life of luxury…

Current status from Greg of Lagooned on the Lake 2020, as of December 2019.

“To date we have 10 boats confirmed, several on the maybe list, four confirmed owners and their better halves coming by car”

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