Lagoon World Conference Round-Up

The Lagoon World Conference was held in Bordeaux on 29th and 30th June this year. John Cowpe attended the 2 day event with 83 other Lagoon dealers from around the world. The focus of the conference was to concentrate on new products and direction for Lagoon in the next year – and the good news is that you won’t have to wait long too find out what’s coming up, with many exciting initiatives launching in Cannes this September.

The new Lagoon 40 and 50 coming out from the factory were highlights of the event. John and the other attendees had the opportunity to view the 50 #1, the hull and deck,  and it looks amazing – the ultimate in family ocean cruising. In the design of both the 40 and 50, the sail area to displacement ratio are excellent. The pleasure of sailing will certainly be felt. The 50 is being built in Bordeaux, while the 40 is constructed in Belleville sur Vie.

During the conference John also viewed the Lagoon Seventy8 #1 in the water, and went right through the vessel. This mind blowing boat has the capacity of a 120ft monohull, and displays a different world of luxury. With a range of 5000 nautical miles, there’s nothing else on the market that compares.

Lagoon shared their passion, and the sense of freedom and elegant simplicity of their distinctive approach throughout the conference. This new direction is evident in both the 40 and 50, and in their plans for the next year.

John shares the latest details of the 40 and 50 below.

Cannes Yachting Festival 2019

Lagoon 40

“While the length overall, as with the majority of the competition, is slightly under 40ft, the feeling of the Lagoon 40 is one of huge space and openness. The increased width of the hulls, combined with the increased headroom of 6ft4in throughout, give a feeling of a vessel in fact much larger than 40ft.

Throughout the vessel there are wonderful storage solutions, including a fully opening bed utilising every inch of storage space, as opposed to just the use of drawers. The orientation of the cockpit is such that it opens out to the sea and is only 2 steps down to the ocean and wide bathing platforms.

As with 42 you have a fabulous single level on the vessel, from the wide bathing platforms to the forward windows, for seamless indoor-outdoor living.

Smart and thoughtful features are present throughout. The compression post for the mast is cleverly located along side the galley right at the doors as you enter. The high end finish, solid wood pieces and fills, and use of stainless steel and leather are prominent, as well as intelligently placed lighting. These touches all add up to a sumptuous feeling of luxury, akin to that of a super yacht, but on a 40ft vessel.

The sail area has increased by 5 Sq m, while the weight of the vessel has been decreased, promising spritely performance when out on the water. The self-tacking head-sail, a key feature within the new stable of Lagoon cats, the tall mast set further back, a shorter boom, and a stunning code 0, all add up to an easy, efficient, fast and smart new way of sailing”.

Lagoon 50

“The Lagoon 50 is the most versatile solution the market has ever seen in a 50ft yacht. The combination of layouts is almost unlimited and the thought into the design is breathtaking. The multi-use flybridge area pioneered by Lagoon from the start, is taken to the next level with the 50.

The 50 boasts a huge cockpit, and distinctively defined areas throughout the vessel, from lounging in the salon, to food preparation in the galley, to outdoor relaxation – there is a real focus on flow that stands out as soon as you step on board.

With the option of forward windows fully sliding down to give the ultimate air flow through the salon, the abundance of light and airiness is a noticeable step up.

Described as the most ‘open minded’ cat in the market due to its many different options, layout and increased possibilities, it is supremely comfortable without being outrageous. The welcoming multi-use cockpit, an abundance of ports and windows in the cabins and heads, and the ultimate owners suite with the option for a walk in robe and generous storage, makes the the Lagoon 50 the ultimate family traveller without the need for crew”.

TMG would be delighted to discuss the incredible new Lagoon 40 or 50 with you at the Sydney International Boat Show. With only 2 40s and 2 50s available to the Asia Pacific market for 2018, don’t miss the opportunity to get acquainted. Register for your private 30 minute consultation here.

Lagoon World Conference Round-Up


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