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Lagoon 51 – 2023

The Lagoon 51 has a flybridge that was optimized to cover 80% of its roof. Equipped with modular seating so you can accommodate as many guests as you would like, this allows you to welcome them to the helm and relax alongside the captain.

Lagoon 51 – Green focus

Yacht Style – November 2022

With a lighter structure, forward mast, shorter rig and overlapping genoa, the Lagoon 51 is even livelier on the water than her predecessor while also introducing the new emphasis on solar power that will characterise the brand’s future models.

LAGOON 51 : Guided Tour 

Choose your boat – 2022

One could sum up Lagoon’s philosophy in three words: elegance, conviviality, safety. Continuity between interior and exterior, direct and indirect lighting, harmonious proportions, warm atmosphere and ergonomic spaciousness, Lagoons yachts were the first to value a lifestyle on board a catamaran.

The Lagoon 51 – World Premiere

Ancasta – April 2022

From the moment you step on board (very easily it turns out, given the completely redesigned transoms that allow easy one step access from the side of the pontoon), Lagoon have once again designed a cat with style, performance and comfort but she is most definitely not style at the expense of function.

LAGOON 51 Catamaran – Review

Multihulls World – April 2022

The flybridge of the 51 becomes a real living area, featuring reversible helm rests. Numerous solar panels are in evidence, and these are custom cut to reconcile aesthetics and efficiency (3,400 Wp).

Spotlight: Lagoon 51

Tradeaboat – February 2022

The Lagoon 51 is the latest offering from Lagoon and promises to make waves with its fluid onboard living conditions and luxury finishes.

New Lagoon 51: Eco-responsibility!

yachtingart – February 2022

When discovering the first visuals of the brand new Lagoon 51, we notice 4 major evolutions compared to its predecessor, the Lagoon 50, which are related to access and comfort on board, to the exterior living spaces, to the interior layout and to eco-responsibility.