Lagoon Escapade Whitsundays 2019

On September 4th and 5th the Whitsundays was blessed with a stunning fleet of Lagoons and in return granted us with spectacular weather.

For many of the attendees, this was the first time in the Whitsundays on their own Lagoon Catamaran and their first time joining us on the Escapade (myself included).

A trip to one of the worlds wonders to hang out with like-minded boating enthusiasts, talking about adventuring the globe and the life of a blue nomad, am I dreaming or is this my life? What an incredible experience this was.

Spring Sprung

The weather in the Whitsundays is very seasonal and can vary from hot and rainy to cold and miserable, so you really have to nail your timing and I think we did. The early September sun shon the perfect temperature of 26-28 degrees across the coastline. Looking to the sky, not a cloud was to be seen, leaving only blue to paint the landscape.

BONUS: Being out of stinger season the risk of getting stung is greatly reduced, so whatever you are up to this time of the year, drop it and make sure you are in the Whitsundays.

Let it begin

At 12pm the TMG team watched the fleet cruise into Coral Sea Marina.

After the boats were tied up and tucked into their new accommodation, like Lagoon fairies, The Multihull Group team flew around the marina bearing bags of goodies.

As the sun crept lower and lower from the sky, beaming pink across the canvas, funkily dressed guests began to arrive on the deck of the Lure.

With a picturesque view sent from somewhere not worldly, the fairies filled glasses full of giggly juice. Everyone began chatting with their new BFFLs before heading in for a briefing and prize giving.

A scrumptious two-course meal was followed by a game of Trivia (the giggle juice definitely worked).


Four french sailors trotted the docks with croissants and traditional songs, feeding the hungry goonies before letting the lines loose and departing the marina.

With fresh flags flying the only thing they didn’t have on their side was the wind. A light Northerly made sailing somewhat silly, however, a few crew members, Themis and Jadean decided to ignore the worlds signs and hoist the headsail nonetheless.

Staying together, like a flock of swans, the Escapadees enjoyed a relaxing cruise across the coral coast, with view upon view of blue upon blue.


Landing in location at Cape Gloucester dinghies began to dot the beach, greeted by our tropical singing duo and lei’s.

Before bellies were given the opportunity to gurgle, a feast was presented at the resort. The ravenous bunch munched on their meals before the remaining awards were presented, followed by the ESCAPADE GAMES – a series of events created to challenge even the bravest of sorts… (just kidding).

The paddleboard races brought in a crowd, cheers filled the beach as everyone rooted for their favourite contestant, but in the end, there could only be one winner and that was Keith (AKA the most graceful beach enterer of all the land).

As everyone owned a French Catamaran it was only fitting to have them throw a beret… Everyone got involved, attempting to fling, frisby and slam but the one that got the technique in the bag was the talented Barry from Jadean.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent, telling jokes, spreading stories and discussing their next moves. The new friends were planning the next legs and convincing others to join the journey.

A special thanks…

Thank you to our wonderful owners…

Simon and Cheryl Kelly (Duo), David and Nerida Lee (Seabreeze), Karl Fox and Annemie Schulte (Seafox), John and Raewyn Lemberg (The Bach), Dave and Judy Hope (White Hawk), John and Marlet Pruim (Themis), David and Karen Crossley (Moor R&R), Matt and Lanaia Donkin (Espresso), Franc and Tayna Trobec (Papiga), Anthony and Seryn Ryan (Antics), Alan and Delanna Hur (Triple Zero), Jeff and Judy d’Albora and Mark Goode (Infinity), Barry, Kim Jade and Dean Boswell (Jadedean), John Van Lieshout, John Pilkington, Doug Robbie, Keith and Jo Davis (Enchantress).

As well as Craig and Tracey Beikoff who joined the event as prospective Lagoon owners.

Our sponsors

An even bigger thank you to our sponsors for making this magical event possible;

Yanmar, Yoti, The Boat Works, Coral Sea Marina and Lagoon.

We had such an amazing time meeting you all, every single one of you was absolutely incredible. We already cannot wait for next year!!!


Lagoon Escapade Whitsundays 2019