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Lagoon 50 vs Excess 15

Multihulls World

Lagoon 50 – Unveiled in 2017, the Lagoon 50, along with the 40, 42 and 46 represent the latest generation models designed by the world leader in cruising catamarans. When she was first launched, she fitted into the range between the best-selling Lagoon 450 and the 52. Her ambition was to remain accessible to a family crew and offer maximum comfort.

Lagoon 50 Review – 2018

Nothing kills innovation faster than incremental improvement. Maybe that’s why nothing inspires it like a clean sheet of paper. Kudos to Lagoon for understanding that and tossing out preconceived notions. With the launch of the new Lagoon 50, the French catamaran builder tapped into true innovation in a world of evolutionary lookalikes.