While keeping a family resemblance and retaining the main features of the latest generation of Lagoons, it shows off a unique visual identity with sleek curves and a groundbreaking single level cockpit.

The boat’s silhouette is elegant and simple with its new flowing curves, and this highlights the dynamic personality of the 42.

The Lagoon 42 offers endless possibilities for an enviable on-water lifestyle.

Fulfil your desire for freedom. Let’s go.

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Lagoon 450 Review

Sailing Australia’s East Coast onboard a Lagoon Catamaran

Kerry and Bryn Wellington own a Lagoon 450, Nautilus and have been sailing the East Coast of Australia onboard over the last few years. They love the volume of their catamaran and the ability to store all their toys including kitesurfing, diving and paddleboarding gear.

Lagoon Catamaran Owners

Sailing The Mediterranean Lagoon Catamaran Review

Lagoon 40 owners Caroline and Sven are currently sailing the world after recently picking up Kwilena in France, “We had no idea that we would like living onboard full-time this much. For now home really is where our anchor drops and we cannot imagine going back to a normal life. We are definitely infected with the travel bug.”

Lagoon Catamaran Review

Liveaboard Lagoon Catamaran Review Australia

Matt and Lanaia Donkin own a 40ft Lagoon, Espresso and liveaboard in Australia. This Canadian couple has loved their on-water adventure of the East Coast, especially their annual trips to the Whitsundays for the Lagoon Escapade. The Donkins discuss why they love their Lagoon including performance, comfort, stability and space.

Lagoon 450s - The Multhull Group Australia

Lagoon European Launch 2020

“We highly recommend TMG. Rowan at TMG was responsive, professional and patient at every turn during this process, from selection of boat options (Lagoon 450S) prior to purchase, all the way through handover of the boat in France.” Karen, Lagoon 450S.

Lagoon 42, Bilby

“Through our travels, we’ve met other Lagoon 42 owners who bought their boat through other brokers (overseas)… You don’t know how good you’ve got it until you meet someone who got much less. A big thank you! Everything we wanted on the boat was delivered. Everything works & we were shown how it works. Any failures are ours due lack of familiarity or faulty memory.” – Liz and Rob – Lagoon 42, Bilby

Lagoon Owner

Lagoon 50, Themis

Fourth time Lagoon owner John Pruim has just become the first Lagoon 50 owner in Australia!!! “Lagoon allows you to go from a to b safely, easily and reliably. There is a sense of comfort and space, perfect for being a house on the water…” Says John. “The team at The Multihull Group will work with you to ensure you get just the set up you desire…” – John Pruim – Lagoon 50, Themis

Lagoon Owner

Lagoon 42, Sabella

“”Lagoons are boldly angular in shape, and we thought that was fantastic. It creates that space inside and looks great on the outside. And the sailing performance for a production catamaran … is very very good.

When we arrived in Les Sables-d’Olonne John had this rockstar entrance… surreal does not even begin to describe how it felt.”
” – Aaron and Lara Jones – Lagoon 42, Sabella

Lagoon Owner

Lagoon 42, Bilby

“A big tick to TMG… They’ve been fantastic with their support, if we’ve had any issues we get in touch with them and they go out of their way to help us so they’ve made buying this boat in Europe such a pleasant experience and yeah, I’ll give them a 10 out of 10, it’s been great… If you’re going to buy a Lagoon buy it from TMG.
” – Liz and Rob – Lagoon 42, Bilby

Antics on the Flybridge

“It’s very very easy, so much space, we just had 4 couples for 5 days, it was very chilled out and relaxed.

The flybridge is such a big beautiful place with a view, its elevated and we put permanent clears around ours so you can use it anytime, day or night, windy or raining, it doesn’t matter. You can sit up there have lunch, have dinner. We call it the first class lounge, you can’t go wrong.” – Anthony and Seryn Ryan – Lagoon 630MY, Antics

lagoon team

Latest Pickup In France – The World Carries On

These Lagoon 40 owners recently took delivery, “We decided to stick to our schedule and pick up our Lagoon 40 in Les Sables-d’Olonne in early March despite the uncertainty surrounding the current worldwide pandemic and the lockdown in France (curfew in France is 7 pm).”

Jadean – Sailing The World With Children

The incredible story of a young family that left Cape Town, South Africa to sail the world… It has been the biggest adventure of our lives. We say it is a “bucket list adventure being checked off one experience at a time”.

Lagoon 42 Owner Review

Lagoon 42 Owner Review

“I couldn’t fault the TMG network and what we were able to do and how everyone was easy to get on with. The actual handover period… was fantastic. We sat on the boat for the first day and went through everything. It was a great learning experience, and then out sailing the next day. Making sure everything worked properly. It was a fantastic thing to do and I can’t speak highly enough about that actual process.” Paul Brown – Lagoon 42

Happy Lagoon 46 owners

Happy Lagoon 46 owners

“So excited to have finally taken delivery of our Lagoon 46 in Manly, Queensland yesterday. Rowan McMahon from TMG took us on a windy delivery trip up from the Gold Coast yesterday with lots of smiles onboard. Very happy with our clears, solar arch, Weber BBQ platform and tender setup. We can’t thank TMG enough for their support in getting Arena ready for our family sailing adventures.” – Dean Robertson, Lagoon 46 Owner.

Lagoon Owner

Lagoon 400S2, Espresso

“We love our Lagoon, we’ve been out in some pretty tough conditions and it’s always brought us home safe, it’s fantastic under sail and great at anchor so we absolutely love our boat.

Our favourite thing about our boat is the places it can take us, we get to see a lot of the east coast that most people can only imagine to see and to be able to access it with a boat it’s just fantastic.” – Matt Doncan – Lagoon 400S2, Espresso

Lagoon Owner

Lagoon 440, Blue Pointer

“Greg and Sue Harding created and monitor the Lagooned in Oz Facebook Community and are vital and enthusiastic Lagoon owners.

The pair have owned numerous Lagoons and love their current Lagoon 440. – Greg and Sue Harding” – Lagoon 440, Blue Pointer

Lagoon Owner

Lagoon 52F, Infinity II

There is more enjoyment in a sailboat in that the enjoyment is in the journey as much as it’s in the destination. That to me makes it a totally different experience.

The advantage of a flybridge to me is the fact you are that much higher off the surface of the water, you can get better vision all around, a greater sense of being on-top of the whole thing and I do enjoy being out in the sun most of the time.” – Jeff D’Albora – Lagoon 52F, Infinity II

Living the dream single handed onboard 50ft Lagoon

Living the dream single handed onboard 50ft Lagoon

Mark Rolle envisioned a life on the sea and when the opportunity presented itself he didn’t hold back.

After working hard for years Mark sold his business and decided that there was more to life than work. He always thought of owning a boat, he had always loved the ocean and when the opportunity presented itself he took it.

Lagoon Life During a Pandemic

Two Lagoon owners from opposite sides of the world in isolation onboard their Lagoon. While Greg and Sue make jokes about their state during lockdown in Queensland Australia Mick and Poppy try to stay healthy with fun and innovative activities onboard including Tour De Trim and Wimbledon on Water in Malta. 

An inspiring story by Lagoon 380 owner

An inspiring story by Lagoon 380 owner

Theo Kuiters shares his incredible adventures onboard his Lagoon 380 and how he made owning his dream boat a reality.

“You can do anything you want in life as long as you help other people get what they want”, says Theo.

Dragonfly Trimaran

Dragonfly , USA

It’s really the quality, that it’s the best. When I went to look at the factory, every tool had a place and they had a very specific system. And everyone was clearly trained and they seemed to take such pride in what they were doing.

Lagoon European Pickup Review

Lagoon European Pickup Review

Liz states, “A big tick to TMG… they’ve been fantastic with their support, if we’ve had any issues we get in touch with them and they go out of their way to help us so they’ve made buying this boat in Europe such a pleasant experience and yeah, I’ll give them a 10 out of 10, it’s been great… If you’re going to buy a Lagoon buy it from TMG.”

Dragonfly Trimaran

Dragonfly , SE

We have a 28 Performance. I think I was convinced when we went down to Dragonfly for a test sail. Then it started to move things and well, I think we need to switch. It is great fun, I must say. I mean, when you get the wind, you get the speed and it


Just do it! A European Launch Story

“We looked around quite a bit, and investigated the opposition! The 42ft is the right size for us, and she has a good feel when under sail. The combination of layout and space was just what we were looking for. Importantly, the Lagoon 42 sails well short handed. The 42 is a very, very nice boat. I’d be hard pressed to fault it,” said Drew.

Why life is better lived on a Lagoon

Greg and Sue Harding, owners of a magnificent Lagoon 440, Blue Pointer, are the first to admit they are Lagoon tragics. “Our love affair with Lagoon started from day one, even though our first Lagoon was really a project boat.”

Lagoon Owner

Moor RnR

Paul Rogers is one of the founders of Lagooned in Oz “…the best thing about our lifestyle is not the boat or location, it’s the people. There is a whole community of Lagoon owners, and the Lagoon events have connected us with so many wonderful people.” – Paul Rogers, Moor RnR

Lagoon Owner

Lagoon 380 Seabreeze

David and Nerida Lee have been living aboard and sailing their Lagoon 380 for years, speaking highly of Lagoon as a brand and their on water lifestyle.

“The fact that you can wake up every morning with different scenery… it’s the freedom! For us it was finding a boat that would take us and all our possessions and our Lagoon does that. We live and sail in paradise! ” – David and Nerida Lee – Lagoon 380 Seabreeze

Ticketyboo delivered

Ticketyboo delivered

“The entire TMG team were really good. In the initial stages, John gave great advice and helped spec the boat, looking back it was all very valuable… From our first enquiry, through specification, order, to delivery and after-sales, TMG have been terrific to deal with. Ordering our Lagoon 40 was no small decision and a perfect delivery reassured us from the start,” Mike Pain.

Fall in love with the Flybridge

Fall in love with the Flybridge

“I love the air on the flybridge, the overview when going into anchorages, harbours etc. Its’ like standing on the bridge of my own little ship.” Says Martin.

Sailing Papua New Guinea with John Pruim

Sailing Papua New Guinea with John Pruim

This is a story of an adventure taken onboard John Pruims 410.

This is the kind of adventure you could only experience on a boat of your own… 

Lagoon 50 unbelievable upgrades with John Pruim

Lagoon 50 unbelievable upgrades with John Pruim

Forth time Lagoon owner John Pruim has just become the first Lagoon 50 owner in Australia!!!

This tech-savvy owner is all about making this boat the best of the best with all the latest in technology, see what upgrades he has onboard…

Caribbean first impressions and hurricane plan… Exploring the exotic world with Peter Rawson

Caribbean first impressions and hurricane plan

Peter has just had his Lagoon 630MY shipped to the Caribbean after 3 years in the Mediterranean.

He is already loving the abundance of sea life, catching fish on every cruise and spotting turtles in the clear ocean. Peter is enjoying the cultural mix and lots of rum while settling into the consistent weather conditions.


Mediterranean highlights and advice

After three years in the Mediterranean Peter says he could definitely have spent another three… But unfortunately, everyone has time restraints… There aren’t many islands in the Mediterranean Peter hasn’t visited, with an impressive list of 47 in Greece alone… Peter talks about his favourite places and what he got up to in the winter.

Dragonfly 35 Customer Testimonial - Chris

Dragonfly 35 Customer Testimonial – Chris

“I had been looking at many different trimaran brands and found the Dragonfly trimarans to standout due to their exceptional built quality and very clever design.” Chris, Dragonfly 35

Sailing Sabella - A Lagoon 42 Adventure

Sailing Sabella – A Lagoon 42 Adventure

“I wanted a big, spacious saloon that you could see through for transparency. I wanted it to feel like a home, like a floating apartment. I thought regarding the kids, on the 42 specifically, we can steer the boat from here on the same level, it’s not a separate area … and the entire thing can be enclosed without it being a visual and physical barrier,” said Lara.

Waters Family Update

Waters Family Update

‘Lagoons are perfect as a live-aboard option. They have plenty of room, everyone in the family has their own space. Tyler can be off in her room, Max on the trampoline burning off energy, Darren keeping on top of the maintenance. The boat never feels cramped,” says Kristy.

“Living the dream” on board a Lagoon 380

Every day is magical when you’re living on board. Take this morning, for example … the water was like a millpond, delivering a special sunrise. This was the view from our cabin as we woke up. We chose the 380 for her spacious interior. She’s super easy to sail, well suited for the two of us to live and work on board comfortably and she has plenty of indoor and outdoor living areas,” Said owners, Justin and Kelly.

Lagoon Owner

Lagoon 39, Zephyr

“Ross was super – he went through everything.

We’ve never had that; going through everything was a huge positive.” – Graeme and Linda Hubbard – Lagoon 39, Zephyr

Lagoon Owner

Adèle 1

“I think it’s a fascinating and great way to live … so many people put things off until retirement and then can’t achieve their dream when they get there.

I’m happy with my choice.

It stretches you a bit and you juggle a lot of things, but with good people like the team at TMG, you can follow your dream.” – Drew Hakin, Adèle 1

Wonderful memories sailing Sabella

Wonderful memories sailing Sabella

“From our 6 months onboard, there are so many personal highlights. From a sailing and cruising perspective, I can hardly put our time in the Balearics into words. Formentera in particular, some of the anchorages there once the crowds had gone for the day were absolutely stunning. Seeing our young girls develop was something special.”

A truly unique Sailaway adventure

Steve is as passionate about Lagoon and Sailaway offers people access to a ‘wow factor’ as part of their holiday – “It’s in reach for people to enjoy a bit of that business class feel with their friends and family, in an everyday way. With the Lagoon, we can live out our passions for sailing, nature and the environment. I have had confidence in Lagoon from the moment I first stepped aboard.”

Cruising adventures onboard El Gato

“The comfort is just amazing. When we were in rough seas sitting in the cockpit in the monohull, we could touch the water. But in the cat, you’re sitting on top of the flybridge – with 2m following seas – she’s solid, she’s stable, she’s just fantastic in the water,” said Lagoon 440 owners.

Sailing Sabella April Update

Sailing Sabella April Update

Lagoon 42 owner Aaron tells us “…living on Sabella is wonderful. Whilst much smaller than an Australian house, we each have our own space and it doesn’t feel cramped.”

Home sweet home is a Lagoon 420

Bob and Margaret Kennedy have called their Lagoon 420 home for 6 years, “We thought it was terrific. In comparison, our other boat was ‘camping’, but this was ‘home’. We found a little-used boat in very good condition – we lucked out with the perfect boat.”

The Jones Family heads for warmer climates

The Jones Family heads for warmer climates

“There are so many wonderful memories from this short time at sea – sunsets, dolphins, peaceful night watches – this way of life is just spectacular and really feels right for our family. We pinch ourselves each day and wonder when we’ll wake up from the dream,” Lagoon 42 owners the Jones family.

Is this the best Lagoon 450 ever?

Is this the best Lagoon 450 ever?

This Lagoon 450F was Johns 3rd out of 4 Lagoons “You want to buy a production boat, built in a factory in series. You get a properly designed and built boat. Compared to other 40ft boats a 40ft Lagoon will have the most volume. A signature of Lagoon is its vertical windows. The advantages are you have ample headspace in the saloon, plenty of light and 360 degree views, whilst keeping the sun out.”

The Jones Family takes delivery of their new 42

The Jones Family take delivery of their new 42

“We’re in Les Sables-d’Olonne and we’re taking the boat out for a test sail and I’m floating on a cloud, I’ve got no idea what’s going on! It’s the most stunning day – in January no less! The weather was fine and the wind almost calm, but regardless she made 3 knots in 5 knots of breeze. What a clever little thing she is!”



“As soon as we got onboard, we were sold— the sliding doors were brilliant, the big glass window right by the kitchen sink—it was just like an apartment,” said Lagoon 39 owners.



With only limited yachting experience between Darren and Kristy, their Lagoon 500 is fortunately “very user friendly and it was easy to pick up”. To anyone considering following their lead, Kristy is quite clear — “Do it!”


Don McIntyre- A Lifetime of Global Adventure

Don McIntyre, Global Adventurer and Explorer, Life in Tonga with his Lagoon 450, Golden Globe, Royal Yacht Club Nomuka. Don describes the boat as “perfect, fantastic, incredible”— this “is the most fun” and “living on-board is like an apartment on the water”.

The liveaboard life Lagoon style

The liveaboard life Lagoon style

The Atkinsons love their catamaran. They had the design in mind for 20 years, and even though they weren’t actively looking, when they saw the Lagoon 400, they found the exact layout they had been dreaming of.



Working with TMG was a positive experience for John and Tania, “the team were always on hand and did everything they could for them throughout the process,” said the Lagoon 52 owners.

Lagoon 42 modified for quadriplegic sailor

Lagoon 42 modified for quadriplegic sailor

‘When you’re in a wheelchair there’s a lot of places you never see or you can’t get to. They’re just not accessible. Yesterday when we were out we sailed past some of those places that I have never seen before,’ Cliff said. For many sailors the freedom of the sea is one of the attractions. For Cliff, it’s life changing.

Dragonfly Trimaran

Dragonfly , USA

We wondered how it would perform in the conditions that we’re going to have to sail it in. And my impression, to date, is that it handles the swell and the rough seas and the wind beautifully, even better than our monohull. So, so far, I’m delighted.


Lagoon 39


#31215 | Bench | Sterling
Gold Coast, QLD,  Australia

Delivered to its owner in August 2020, this series 2 Axopar 28 Cabin presents like new and only has 50 hrs on the twin 200hp Mercury Verado Engines.

This is the owner’s third Axopar in less than 3 years, he loves change, but also stated “I have certainly not fallen out of love with the brand.”

The Axopar 28 Cabin model is Australias best selling Axopar by a long shot, winning numerous awards around the world for its design, including the 2020 Boat of the Year award.

For the owner, it was love at the first sight of twin 200hp Mercury outboards, for him, the Axopar is all about speed and performance.

“With the twin outboards, the boat jumps on the plain before you can think about it… In the cabin with the doors slightly ajar you could hold a conversation at any speeds, even up to 38 to 40knots. When at anchor if you open everything up there is a good flow for conversation across the boat.”

Ready for an adventure, this Axopar 28 is equipped with; fishing rod holders, custom anchor windless perfect for deep water fishing, extra storage for toys, custom roof racks and new sea deck only just installed. If entertaining is what you’re interested in the open aft deck hosts fold-away seating and a table for an additional socialising area. You won’t find a boat like it in Australia. 



Gold Coast










Premium package, Silvertex

Mooring Package;

incl 4 fenders, 4 fender covers, 4 fender ropes, 4 mooring ropes 14mm/10m, 7.5kg anchor and 30m anchor rope

Upgrade Toilet - Electric Flush

Seawater Flush, 40L septic tank, macerator, Overboard Discharge and Dockside Pump out

Lighting Package

LED Deck lights, comfort lighting in saloon, illuminated 28 logotype

Aft Deck Bench with Stowage & Cushions

2 x Aft Deck Folding seats

Bow thruster side power SE40

Cooler in Aft Port storage

Search Light

Trim tabs with joystick steering

Fresh water system plus 45L tank

Shower on Aft deck

Targa Arch with rod holders and roof rails

Incl 2 deck rod holders

Harbour cover for aft deck

Sunbrella plus RED

Protective winder covers, charcoal gray

Sundeck cushions for aft deck

Foredeck seat cushions and backrest

Harbour cover for foredeck RED

Table on Foredeck

Underwater Lights

Top Loading Refrigerator, Dometic CM42L

Side rails

Shore power; 230V with 12AH charger

Fusion entertainment system, incl 2 x speakers in cockpit

Control unit for fusion system, helm

Audio Upgrade 1

4 x speakers and 2 ch amplifier

Chart plotter Garmin GPSMAP 1222 Touch

Intelliducer, depth and temp, thru-hull

Communication Garmin VHF 115I

Upgrade to Twin Mercury 3.4L - 4 stroke - V6 - 200hp

Upgrade to White Cold Fusion Motor


Rod Holders

Custom Anchor Windlass

Custom Roof Racks

Table on Foredeck

Upgrade to Twin Mercury 3.4L - 4 stroke - V6 - 200hp

Upgrade to White Cold Fusion Motor



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Mediterranean Mooring

Mediterranean Mooring

Back by popular demand, Joe Fox demonstrates the two ways of Med Mooring. In some areas in the Mediterranean, it is popular to use provided mooring block and lines as part of this docking procedure but we will also demonstrate how to do this using your anchor.

How to Anchor and Set Up an Anchor Bridle


Med Mooring is easy to do with just two people but communication is KEY. Make sure you talk to your crew member prior so they know exactly what to do.

– Agree on signals

– Make them call out the metres from the dock

There will also typically be dockhands who will be ready to help.


TIP: As always, remove the wheel from the equation. Lock it off and only use throttles.

  1. Start around 50-60 metre from the dock (based on wind).
  2. When in position drop the anchor and slowly move backwards towards the dock. (angle yourself based on wind direction and keep in mind that it will push the vessel).
  3. Once you have let out sufficient chain, stop lowering the anchor.
  4. Crew now moves to windward corner.
  5. If needed, let out more anchor from the helm.
How to Anchor and Set Up an Anchor Bridle
How to Anchor and Set Up an Anchor Bridle


6. Burst of forwards as you get close. If the wind has swung you or you are not 90 degrees to the dock use the correct throttle to manoeuvre simultaneously.

7. Tie off the windward line.

8. Wait in neutral until the line is secured.

9. Once secured put throttles forward to stay stationary.

10. Tie off leeward line.

11. Check the distance.

12. Reverse and retie if needed.

13. Continue with throttles in forward.

14. Lift anchor until tight.

15. Turn off engines.

BONUS TIP: Add an anchor safety.

How to Anchor and Set Up an Anchor Bridle
How to Anchor and Set Up an Anchor Bridle


TIP: Ensure mooring lines stay clear of propellers at all times.

Dock as before minus the anchor.

  1. Windward line on.
  2. Leeward line on.
  3. Take mooring line from dockhand.
  4. Take the line to the bow and secure.
  5. Reverse and tighten

BONUS TIP: Put out fenders on both sides.

Tell us what you're interested in and a member of our expert team will contact you shortly.


Sailing Australia’s East Coast onboard a Lagoon Catamaran

Sailing Australia’s East Coast onboard a Lagoon Catamaran

Kite Surfing, Diving and Paddle Boarding

Kerry and Bryn Wellington own a Lagoon 450, Sports Top “Nautilus” and have been sailing the East Coast of Australia over the last few years.  They gave a glimpse into life on board;

Kerry’s favourite part about their Lagoon is the outdoor table and cockpit area, as well as the overall volume. Something all Lagoon owners really love.

Bryn loves adventures and watersports so having the room to store the toys is definitely a win for him. Onboard they have kite surfing gear, two SUPS and diving equipment. He adds “The finish is really good, it’s a fantastic boat”.

When talking about their experience with Tim Vine they referred to him as a friend and commended TMG and Yoti for being “super reputable and profession,” in Kerry’s words “it was a really good experience”.

Lagoon Catamaran Australia Whitsundays

In just two short years the Wellingtons have sailed the boat from Sydney to Melbourne, fitted it out with a watermaker, a generator and radar and travelled Tasmania. Despite being too cold to swim most of the time Kerry remarks that Tasmania is “charming, there is loads of fresh produce and the people are really lovely”.

Byrn added, “They all love boats and the scenery is just fantastic, yea Tassie’s great!”

In April the couple set off from Melbourne and travelled 2000nm to the Whitsundays. They love the heat and weather of the Whitsundays, especially compared to Tassie. Kerry loves that there are so many other boaties doing the same thing.  A great opportunity to share their experiences with like-minded people.

In the future, the Wellingtons can’t wait to do more blue water cruising.

“We’ve had a terrific sailing year, spending a little over 6 months onboard from the south of Tassie to Bowen. Around 4000nm (8000km) in all, visiting so many wonderful places and meeting lovely people. We’ll be heading back up to the boat early next year to cruise again,” Bryn remarked in a more recent conversation.

Lagoon Catamaran owner review

In regards to TMG and the Escapade, Kerry’s favourite part of the event was the cruise and the people, saying, “It’s been really nice to feel part of the family, you see another Lagoon you’d love to go and say hello and this event meant that we have now met so many others that we feel like we can do that now, so that’s really nice.”

“….and how welcome the TMG team make you feel, the little gift bags and Spencer coming around with muffins in the morning, it’s really really good,” added Bryn.