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Lagoon 42: Catamaran Review – September 2016

The all-new Lagoon 42 is a great example of the new breed of modern-day catamaran. This design builds on the success of the world’s biggest production cat brand, which in turn is part of the giant Beneteau group. It’s an ultra-modern cat with the clean, efficient lines of a modern European design — vertical bows, high freeboard and big picture hull windows.

Lagoon 42: Sailing on Open Waters – May 2016

If you want to gain some real insight into this boat, know first that to create it designer Patrick Le Quement partnered with naval architects VPLP. The net result? An exterior that eschews hard angles for strikingly soft curves, from the gullwing under the bridge deck to the expansive coachroof. Know also that this new cat doesn’t just look different, she’s also easier to manage—even with a giant rig.