First Ever Offshore Catamaran Experience

Catamaran Review and Offshore Sailing Tips

Hi, I’m Marnie! Usually, I am behind the camera but this was my first ever offshore sailing adventure on a catamaran and my first experience doing overnighters.

I decided to film as much as I could to give you an inside look into what these kinds of non-stop journeys really look like so you can decide whether it is something you would be interested in doing.

This trip was a delivery onboard a Lagoon 42 however, this experience would be likened to any long continuous offshore adventure!

I genuinely LOVED this and it is certainly something I can see myself doing in the future. I am not a heavy sleeper so I was actually shocked at how well I did sleep. I definitely am a catamaran convert, the comfort and stability have really won me over!

DISCLAIMER: We were obviously very lucky with the weather, I am not prone to seasickness and have spent a lot of time onboard monohulls.


– Probably don’t do a long 2-day voyage without any prior experience or time on boats, make sure you have your sealegs ready first with some day trips.

– Make sure you have communicated to the skippers/ other crew members what your role will be on board and any safety instructions/ procedures you need to be aware of.

– When starting out on an offshore trip stay above deck, find somewhere with good airflow and a view of the horizon. – Stay off your phone, listen to music or podcasts if you need to.

– RELAX! Being onboard a boat is one of the most enjoyable and calming things so lap in that nature and sea breeze!

My Favourite Parts…

– Although I was dreading night watch this was actually one of the best parts. Being out at sea without light pollution means a sky filled with twinkling stars which is so mesmerising!

– The sea life was also such a highlight. We saw so many whales and dolphins. The dolphins were so inquisitive, jumping off our bow as we sailed, you just can’t get these experiences any other way.