European Handover


Imagine collecting your new Lagoon in France, casually sailing down through the Mediterranean, posing for some sunset pics while sipping wine in Santorini and sailing home with a pit stop in the Maldives …

It sounds like something out of a Hollywood movie, right? Order a boat in Australia, pick it up in Europe and sail home. Surely it’s not that easy! Except that it is.

This is where TMG Yachts really shines, because we’ve done this handover many many times before. We’re here to make sure picking up your boat on the other side of the world is a positive, memorable and stress-free experience.


It’s an adventure, and we’re almost as excited as you are.

We work hard to allow you to relax and enjoy the adventure of collecting your Lagoon directly from the factory in France.

Whether you’re launching in Bordeaux or Les Sables d’Olonne, we help you get familiarised with your vessel and with all things local as well. We are able to show you everything from the local chandlery, which supermarket to shop at … or recommend a few nice restaurants for relaxing in the evenings.

Let’s take a closer look at exactly how the handover process works.


We arrive at your boat a couple of days before you so we can take delivery of the vessel from the team at Lagoon and make sure that we are satisfied to hand the vessel over to you. It’s very important for us to make sure when your boat’s put into the water, that all the correct steps are followed and all the necessary checks have been made.

Lagoon will have already gone through a process of commissioning prior to TMG Yachts  jumping on board, using one of the local commissioning agents to ensure that any issues with the vessel have been ironed out. And then when we arrive we go through all of our commissioning checklists as well.

This means effectively, your boat will be commissioned by three different companies: TMG Yachts, Lagoon Catamarans and one of the onsite commissioning companies… so you can be totally confident that your vessel is fully prepared and all the systems are ready to go BEFORE you step onboard.


The importance of a professional handover is huge because it’s the most important part of the life of any vessel.

When you arrive at the boat for the first time the boat will be prepared by us for you, ready for your handover.

You’ll be stepping onto a boat that’s dressed, ideally with some beers in the fridge and some water for you.

You’ll have a member of the TMG Yachts  team on the ground with you, ready to welcome you, show you through the vessel, put your mind at ease and help you navigate through any uncertainties.


When we hand the boat over you can expect quite an intense two days of learning.

So once you’re on the boat, have explored around and become comfortable with the vessel, we’ll take you right from the back of the boat all the way through to the bow, going through what we call the technical handover.

On day one we take you through all of the technical aspects of the boat, including the batteries, the battery management system, the engines, all your 12 volt systems, all your 240 volt systems.

We want to ensure you’re comfortable with all of the technical aspects and that you’ve seen every single bit the boat working and operating on day one.


On day two we’ll head out on the water for a shakedown sail.

We’ll show you how to hoist your sails, ensure that you’ve seen how the sails are reefed, help you mark those reefing lines, go out onto the bay and deploy the anchor.

We’ll also do some mooring practice.

We really want you to be comfortable with every aspect of manoeuvring the vessel and handling the sails out there on the water.



Following the commissioning, following the technical handover, the vessel is then signed over and she’s now all yours.

From this point onwards, it’s a time to get on board, get your gear and start getting settled in and getting to know your new boat.

We find that almost all of our clients who opt for a Euro delivery really love to have a skipper on board for the first 7-10 days. We can arrange this for you and ensure that those first few days are a stress-free learning environment for all on board.

Bring your sense of adventure … and a camera. This is going to make a great blog.

Les Sables-d'Olonne


It is hard to find a town more steeped in the tradition of sailing than Les Sables D’olonne.  Home to the world-famous Vendee Globe solo around the world race,  this is a place full of passion and enthusiasm for all things sailing.

A fully protected port and a bay ready for your first sail.  This is a perfect location for the launch and commissioning of your vessel. With so many marine specialist shops and places to stock up on supplies, you can feel confident you will be set for any adventure.

The factory team are on-site at the Lagoon launching dock and all of our trusted trades are located only steps away from your vessel.  Let TMG Yachts take the lead and arrange for your handover in the beautiful port town of Les Sables D’olonne.


The historical Construction Navale de Bordeaux (CNB) yard is an extraordinary mix of heritage, stretching back to the years when huge galleons were built for the wine merchants of Bordeaux to modern times where you can witness the most technologically advanced factories and buildings techniques matched only by the craftsmanship of the workforce, developed over generations.
The factory is located on the shores of the Garonne river directly opposite the world-renowned Cite du Vin where you can marvel at the history of winemaking the region is so famous for.   A tour of this ancient city is a must, scope out the stunning churches, vineyards and chateaus, as well as, the jurisdiction of St Emilion, listed by Unesco. Now only a 2 hr fast train from Paris, Bordeaux is accessible, charming, and the ideal place to take delivery of your Lagoon with TMG Yachts.


Handing over the boat to you is really just the beginning of our relationship because we pride ourselves on the lifetime of service and the after sales back-up that we offer to all of our clients.

If you want further customisation carried out we are happy to coordinate quotations from our technical partners in France so that you can have the extras fitted immediately following handover from TMG Yachts.

There are also items such as through hull fittings that we can have fitted during the factory commissioning to streamline the custom extras post handover.

Wherever you are in the world on your cruising adventure on your Lagoon, we’re here to look after you.

One of the strengths of Lagoon comes from the 80 plus dealers we have located all around the globe. What that means to you is that you’ve got 80 service centres, 80 Lagoon experts to call upon and we’re here to coordinate any works for you on request.


Whether you pick up your vessel from Les Sables d’Olonne or Bordeaux, the superb TMG Yachts and Lagoon service continues long after you’ve taken delivery of your Lagoon with exceptional after-sales support. You will have direct correspondence from handover with our after-sales manager who coordinates any items needing attention during your ownership.

You and your family become part of the Lagoon family … and you become part of an active Lagoon community of owners.

We are here to help you live life in your French apartment on the water.

Enjoy your adventure!

Tell us what you're interested in and a member of our expert team will contact you shortly.


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