Mediterranean Mooring

Back by popular demand, Joe Fox demonstrates the two ways of Med Mooring. In some areas in the Mediterranean, it is popular to use provided mooring block and lines as part of this docking procedure but we will also demonstrate how to do this using your anchor.

How to Anchor and Set Up an Anchor Bridle


Med Mooring is easy to do with just two people but communication is KEY. Make sure you talk to your crew member prior so they know exactly what to do.

– Agree on signals

– Make them call out the metres from the dock

There will also typically be dockhands who will be ready to help.


TIP: As always, remove the wheel from the equation. Lock it off and only use throttles.

  1. Start around 50-60 metre from the dock (based on wind).
  2. When in position drop the anchor and slowly move backwards towards the dock. (angle yourself based on wind direction and keep in mind that it will push the vessel).
  3. Once you have let out sufficient chain, stop lowering the anchor.
  4. Crew now moves to windward corner.
  5. If needed, let out more anchor from the helm.
How to Anchor and Set Up an Anchor Bridle
How to Anchor and Set Up an Anchor Bridle


6. Burst of forwards as you get close. If the wind has swung you or you are not 90 degrees to the dock use the correct throttle to manoeuvre simultaneously.

7. Tie off the windward line.

8. Wait in neutral until the line is secured.

9. Once secured put throttles forward to stay stationary.

10. Tie off leeward line.

11. Check the distance.

12. Reverse and retie if needed.

13. Continue with throttles in forward.

14. Lift anchor until tight.

15. Turn off engines.

BONUS TIP: Add an anchor safety.

How to Anchor and Set Up an Anchor Bridle
How to Anchor and Set Up an Anchor Bridle


TIP: Ensure mooring lines stay clear of propellers at all times.

Dock as before minus the anchor.

  1. Windward line on.
  2. Leeward line on.
  3. Take mooring line from dockhand.
  4. Take the line to the bow and secure.
  5. Reverse and tighten

BONUS TIP: Put out fenders on both sides.

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