Dragonfly Composite

All Dragonfly Trimarans really are unsinkable

At Dragonfly, in order to keep the weight low, the hulls are made using a thick foam sandwich construction. By using this high-density foam core the same stiffness can be achieved with less fibreglass and thereby reducing the weight of the hulls.

The laminating process starts with two layers of white gel coat which means all boats are white as they come out of the mouldings.  This surface can later be painted to any colour the client wants.  The Divinycell PVC foam consists of small closed cells so it cannot absorb liquids – a key in this type of high-tech construction.  A large amount of foam and the lack of middle keel ensures the boat floats no matter the conditions of the hull. This means the foam is actually the lifejacket of the boat. The remaining layers of fibreglass are then laminated as the last part of the laminating process.  And hey presto – an unsinkable boat brought to you by the masters of handbuilt trimarans in Denmark.