Words from a Sailor – How the Dragonfly 25 Sport Outperforms Expectations

With temperatures in Sydney hitting the high 30s late last week, there was no better place to be than on the water … and on a trimaran.

If you’ve never sailed a trimaran before, you might be surprised at just how simple it is to sail this surprisingly speedy, spacious, stable and safe performance cruiser.

TMG’s John Cowpe and Joe Fox took a customer out for a test sail on the Dragonfly 25 Sport down from Pittwater to Sydney Harbour and they were all amazed at how this boat continues to outperform expectations.

Tahiti Crew

A nice fast cruise down the coast

“With a wind forecast for the day for north westerly and building from 10-20 knots throughout the morning, it really was the perfect wind direction and strength for a nice fast cruise down the coast.

We met early at the Quays Marina to prepare the Dragonfly for departure, and our client was impressed at just how quick and easy the set up was.

In less than 30 minutes we were ready to sail and there was a palpable sense of excitement as we left the dock and headed out prepping the sails, stowing fenders and tidying lines.

Because the wind was almost favourable in the Pittwater, we had a fairly good run out to Barrenjoey with only a couple of tacks to make the headland…
…but it was as we approached Lion Island, with the wind building from around 8 to 12 knots, that the Dragonfly really started to come alive.”

Easy to control with a feather light helm

“After having cruised past the inside of Palm Beach at a comfortable 10 knots, we rounded the Barrenjoey lighthouse and bore away, setting an easterly course to take us a few miles offshore to give us a fast angle of attack down to the Sydney Heads.

On gybing south and pointing all three bows at Manly, we hoisted the asymmetric spinnaker and began trucking along at 14-16 knots. With an apparent wind angle of 110 degrees, the boat was well balanced and accelerating calmly in the puffs. The reverse bows were riding well down the waves, cutting the chop, yet buoyant on the downwind angle.

With John on the helm, Joe trimming the spinnaker and our crew manning the winch, the boat was easy to control with John reporting a feather light helm.”

Tahiti Crew
Tahiti Crew

The grins from the crew say it all

“Just off Long Reef (Collaroy) the wind started to build to the forecasted 20 knots of westerly, bringing the apparent wind forward of the beam. On dropping the spinnaker we were on a solid upwind angle with boat speeds between 12-14 knots.

The usual wind shadow behind North Head gave us time to take stock and prepare for the final sprint down the harbour to Rose Bay.

Back into the wind and we were seeing sustained upwind speeds of 15 knots through the heads with one reef in the main. Two small tacks were enough to give us the clearance over South Head, followed by a dash down the harbour.

The grins from the crew at this point say it all.

The cherry on the cake for what was a near perfect three-hour trip was sailing onto the marina berth at Point Piper.”

A near perfect three-hour trip

“Throughout the trip, both upwind and downwind, the cockpit remained dry with only slight spray dusting those sailing from the floats. With the windward float flying permanently in upwind mode it provides a safe and commanding position with good visibility round the foresail and under the boom. Hiking straps on the trampoline provide good security for the helm and trimmer when out on the floats.

Overall this was a fantastic sail down the coast … fast, exciting and safe. Experiencing a range of conditions and sea-states, the Dragonfly 25 Sport continues to outperform all of our expectations.”

Tahiti Crew
Tahiti Crew

Like to “try the tri” for yourself?

If you’d like see firsthand why the Dragonfly 25 Sport puts a big grin on our faces and continues to outperform expectations, register here to “try the Tri” for yourself!


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